Baby boomers, don’t let low yields hold you back from charitable giving.

29 Jul Baby boomers, don’t let low yields hold you back from charitable giving.

In the last few years after the Great Recession, interest rates were lowered to help stimulate growth and spur expenditures in capital goods and technology for corporations.  Low interest rates are great for encouraging borrowing but not great for savers and investors.  Right when the first Baby Boomers started retiring we had the economic collapse followed by a lingering low dividend yield, low interest rate environment.  For a retiree who has been hit with a triple or even quadruple whammy of drops in equity values, low yields and potentially having to support adult children and aging parents, the combo has been difficult to deal with.

Many Baby Boomers are very generous with their time and money when it comes to pursuing charitable endeavors now that they have the time to become more engaged.  Unfortunately, many retirement plans and financial planners have not been able to help increase the income needed to increase giving levels during this low yield time period.

At Caliber Companies we believe that by adding hard assets that produce income to an investment strategy you can help offset the low yields and higher volatility  associated with other financial instruments not backed directly by real estate.  In response to requests from our investors we have developed several investment options that typically have higher yields than dividend paying stocks, junk bonds, REITs and MLPs.  These funds are secured by real estate in multiple asset classes.

If you are seeking higher income and greater diversification you can learn more by going to to request information.


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