Do you have Commercial Real Estate in your portfolio?

14 Aug Do you have Commercial Real Estate in your portfolio?

As we have seen increased volatility in the stock markets due to uncertainty in Greece, many investors are looking for ways to reduce volatility, increase income and not lose the upside of the equity markets.  Here at Caliber Companies we have developed private equity funds that enable individual investors, not just institutions, the ability to gain the benefits of directly owning income producing commercial real estate.

Now, some of you may be saying, yes, I have commercial real estate in my portfolio through REITs, but REITs if they are publicly traded subject the investor to the same volatility of the stock markets.  At Caliber we help our investors gain access to off market deals that are typically not attractive to a REIT looking for a stabilized property with low yields.  This value-add approach to real estate investing resonates well with investors who are concerned about peaks in asset classes and are sitting on cash waiting to identify their next great investment opportunity.

Whether you are looking for long-term growth with income from cash flow or stable values with monthly income checks, Caliber Companies has created an investment vehicle for the accredited investor seeking diversification from stocks and bonds.

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